Betting sites that accept Paypal in Canada

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Anyone interested in digital betting will want to know exactly which online betting provider is the best for their personal needs. A comprehensive comparison of selected bookmakers is of crucial importance for me.

Of course, you can do this yourself in a quick run-through and carry out a betting provider test by simply clicking on the provider’s pages and rummaging around a bit. However, it is better to approach the provider comparison with a good plan. My plan consists of individual criteria that a bookmaker should meet.

There are six different categories that need to be examined and that is what they are:

Regulation, odds, costs and fees, betting services, mobile betting. Of course, some factors are more important than others and in the end my subjective judgement also plays a role. So that you can get a comprehensive picture and decide for yourself afterwards which factors play a role for you, I have written a detailed article. Enjoy reading it!

The most important criterion in the provider comparison is regulation. In matters of safety you should not make any compromises. So you have to make sure that the bookmaker has a valid licence, for example an official licence from Schleswig Holstein.

The fact that the company is based in the European Union guarantees that it acts in accordance with the high standards of EU law and that it is not a dubious licence.

In general, you should note at this point that licensed bookmakers are simply more trustworthy than possible black sheep. The bottom line is that it’s all about your money, your bet and your potential winnings.

Another reason why you should not compromise is that betting is a global business and there are certified bookmakers around the world, some of whom are professionals.

Therefore it makes no sense to make a lazy compromise and sign up with any dubious bookmaker, after all there are enough providers, more providers you can find on

Some other safety factors can also be examined. Is the site encrypted, especially when entering personal and payment information? Some providers encrypt the entire page and thus all processes.

This guarantees the highest possible security. Others restrict themselves to financial transactions only. The choice of payment methods also provides information about how seriously the provider of digital sports betting works. The more is possible here, the better.

In addition to credit cards and bank transfers, third-party providers of financial transactions on the Internet also offer a further spread of risks. This is especially the case if these payments are separately secured by the service providers. So you do not need to worry too much if there are discrepancies.

Interesting to know
On this website, great care has been taken to present bookmakers from Europe. They are generally regarded as good providers and appear in almost every ranking that presents trustworthy betting providers. You will not find black sheep here.